Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Love, My Baby Love

Nothing brings me more joy than the look on my baby bean's face when I pick her up from her crib.  It is a look of such unbridled joy and euphoria.  Bean beams up at me, smiling, laughing and reaching for me.  She looks at me as if she hasn't seen me years.  Like we were separated by thousands of miles, when in fact, I've only been in the next room.  Her squeals of delight are accompanied by a ridiculous looking dance.  I call it a dance though she is actually laying in her crib on her back, but she flays about in such excitement, moving and thrusting her arms and legs up and down.  I wish that I was this refreshed by a nap.

She is thrilled by my presence, and it doesn't matter if it's 3 AM or 3 PM, I fall in love with her all over again.

I decided today to make a soundtrack for Bean.  I was quite an aficionado in the lost art of making mix tapes.  Today's play list seem too modern for me or too long.  A mix tape required time and patience.  Remember actually timing songs to see if it would fit on Side 1 or if it was too long and it got relegated to Side 2.  I remember striving to make Side 2 as good as Side 1.  And the cardinal rule of mix tapes:  Finish Big!  That last song has to leave you wanting more.

And so, today I made a soundtrack for Bean.  Maybe because she is sick and just wants to cuddle.   Or maybe I'm just being selfish because hearing these songs make me happy instantly.  There are some songs that capture how I feel about her in a particular moment.  Other songs remind me of when she was just a tiny bean in my belly.  Other songs are just on it because these are the songs I sing for her.  There is no Side 1 or Side 2.  It is a play list, but if I could find any TDK blank tapes or if I still had a tape player, it would be the best mix tape EVER.

Bean's soundtrack:

Helter Skelter by the Beatles
The frenzy of this song brings be back to being pregnant.  My husband played a lot of Beatles RockBand during my pregnancy and Helter Skelter always got Bean kicking.
You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne
I hear this and cry.
Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles
Bean is our sun.  Early in my pregnancy, the doctors discovered that there was something wrong with Bean's heart.  I remember hearing this song in the waiting room of a specialist and I knew that everything would be all right.
My Favorite Things by Julie Andrews
I had to have an amniocentesis  Not fun.  During the procedure, I kept reciting these lyrics over and over again.  And again during labor, I recited these lyrics over and over again.  Once Bean was born, this became when of her good night songs.  Bean is one my favorite things.
Country Home by Neil Young
My husband sang this song to Bean when we were is the hospital with her.  We just wanted to take her home.
This Little Light of Mine
I sang this to her constantly when she was in the hospital.  Strangely enough, I favored the version from 30 Rock, sung by Alec Baldwin
Bushel and a Peck from Guys and Dolls
I don't know why, but I can picture my Mom singing this to Bean.  Now I sing it to Bean and she loves it!  Whenever I sing it, she laughs and giggles (probably because I am so out of tune)!
Blackbird by the Beatles
Another great lullaby.
Make you feel My Love by Adele
Captures how I feel every time I hold Bean.


  1. Not a dry eye in the house by the end of this one...love that little bean and her mama!

  2. Well said Cynthia! I cried and laughed while reading this one. I can totally imagine mom laughing and singing "Bushel and a Peck" to her also,