Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not by the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin

I'm not sure what I find more disturbing;  my freakish chin hair growing nearly one centimeter seemingly overnight or the fact that this chin hair now appears to be white.

Did having a baby age me so dramatically so quickly?  Will all the random hairs that grow conspicuously on my body lose their pigmentation overnight as well?

My chin hair and I go way back.  It was during a family vacation to  Ireland when I was fourteen when it sprouted.  My sister cornered me and mocked me unceremoniously.  She pointed it out and laughed and called it to the attention of my mom.  My mom simply told me to ignore it, that I noticed it more than anyone else.  "Not true!" taunted my sister!  I spent the remainder of the vacation monitoring my chin hair's growth, worrying if I would have a full goatee by the time I was again stateside.  Once home, I became well acquainted with my friend Tweezers.  Sadly, Tweezers didn't meet Eyebrows until much later.

I've come to accept the random and weird things that pregnancy and childbirth did to my body.  My breasts went from normal to Porn Star to Dolly Parton to udders and then back again to somewhat normal.   I had  shiny, Pantene commercial worthy hair during pregnancy and now it falls off in clumps.  This white, coarse chin hair befuddles me.  Is this just another outward sign of my age or is my body simply too tired to produce pigmentation?

Much like Harry Potter's friend, Mad Eye Moody, I must use "Constant vigilance!" against this foe.  Unlike Voldemort, I know my chin hair will be returning.


  1. Um, are you saying that this chin hair phenomenon does not go away post pregnancy??? Ooof.