Tuesday, January 11, 2011

9 months

A lot can happen in nine months.  Last year, I grew a baby in nine months.  Now, that baby is nine months old.  I don't know where that time went.  I do know that when I was pregnant, time felt like a very long car ride and that the nearest rest stop was nowhere to be seen.  My due date seemed like the  elusive TCBY rest stop that I can never find.  

Now I know every parent says "Where does the time go?"  and "It goes by so fast."  I remember my mom saying that about me.  I'm sure that your parents said the same thing about you.  That's what parents do.  They lament the passing of time not because time itself has sped up, but because when you have kids, every moment is precious.   Every tear, every diaper, every sleepless night,  every song, every book, every cuddle.   

There's no world-wide conspiracy that speeds up the rotation of the planet when you have a child.  NASA isn't behind it.  It's just that you value of your time so much more with your child.  Bean makes every day better.

If I could stop time now, would I?  Probably not.  I'd think about it, but I also can't wait to see what Bean will do tomorrow.

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  1. My absolute favorite post yet! And your analogy about the never ending car ride and the elusive TCBY rest stop could not be more accurate. I'm sure every day brings something new.