Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fare thee well NYC

The time has come for me to pack my bags and head for the hills.  The hills, in this case, are New Jersey and by bags, I mean truckload of boxes.  I'm so incredibly sad to leave the city.  I'm also elated at the prospect of a backyard, a bigger kitchen and wait for it...a room for Bean!  I imagine myself in this new house, hyper-organized, skinnier, friendlier and less likely to be annoyed by slow walking people on the street.

While packing away my life into cubes, I couldn't help but smile at all the fun I had this apartment.  Small, and overrun with baby stuff, this is the place where we returned from our honeymoon.  This home, that stays so bright and warm throughout the day, is where I came home to tell J I was pregnant.  It was at our dining room table when I found out we were having a girl and it was here that we brought her home.  She learned to walk here, how to dance, how to sign the word "more" and countless other milestones occurred in this tiny apartment.  As happy as I am to leave, I can't help but feel somewhat sad because the life we built here was pretty awesome.  

I do have some regrets.  Not so much regrets, but more a wistful list of things that I wish  I had done while living in the NYC zip code.  Call it a romanticized "Not Done List," strongly influenced by movies and sentimentality.

1.  I wish I went to the Carl Shurz Park and sat on a bench overlooking the river to read the New York Times while enjoying my coffee more.  I always see these people, and I'm always instantly jealous. Full disclosure.  I tried to do this once but it was very windy and the paper kept blowing back in my face and the whole exercise pissed me off so much that I threw the paper out and went home and read it online.
2.  I wish I was one of those cool moms that breastfeed openly in the Central Park.  Maybe it was catholic school, or awkward nursing tops, but nursing Bean in the park always ended with both of us crying and one of us covered in poop.  The Boobfeeders was just this cool club that I could never really break into with my Medella bottles and my Breastfriend pillow.  Sigh.
3.  I wish I went to more food trucks.  Scratch that, I wish I went to any food trucks.  Trouble is, nothing cool travels north of 14th Street.  (Present company excluded).
4.  I'm sad that Tina Fey will never become my mom friend.  I looked for her repeatedly on the West Side.  I've run in Riverside Park looking for her.  I've taken Bean to playgrounds that are nowhere near where I live in the hope of befriending her or Amy Poehler.  Truthfully, I also scoured the West Side baby hotspots in an attempt to woo Matt Damon's wife too.  But only so I can usurp her and finally have Matt Damon all to myself.  I'd be a great stepmom to his kids.  GREAT!
5. I wish that I had harnessed Bean's deft little hands for making some artisanal baby food product that I then could have sold for outrageous prices at Farmers' markets.  
6.  I wish I had more patience for the Union Square Green Market, but come on, it's so crowded and navigating a baby in a stroller after she has already been on the bus and subway sucks sooooo much.
7.  I wish I got to Governor's Island for a festival of food or music.
8.  I wish that I lived in Brooklyn, but that I bought into it 15 years ago.  On that note, I wish I started my artisanal baby food product line 15 years ago only to make on killing on it by selling it to Gerber.
9.  I wish going downtown from my apartment didn't seem like a trek to the moon because I'm sure I would have eaten out more and in cooler places.
10.  I wish I wore more leggings because I feel like I got into this trend way too late and they really are cute and comfortable.  And if I'm wearing them now that means this trend is almost over and my being slightly stylish will have lasted precisely three months.
11.  I wish I learned to knit and that I had knitted something while riding the subway.  A tea cozy would have sufficed.

I can't tell you now, what 2012 will bring me besides the obvious (HOUSE).  With my family beside me, I'll be happy anywhere, even if its Jersey!  

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