Saturday, January 5, 2013

On Being Pregnant for the Second Time

  1. I'm more tired than I remember the last time around.  Somehow, being at home with an almost three-year old wears be out more than managing a staff of 15 and working sixty-plus hours a week in a restaurant kitchen.
  2. My facial hair (do I talk about this way too much on my blog?) has bleached itself.  I'm not sure what hormone that's in over-production has caused my Burt eyebrows and Greek mustache to bleach itself, but thank you.  I truly don't have the time nor the inclination to visit a salon.
  3. Last night I made a delicious dinner of sauteed chicken breasts in an apple cream sauce, bulgar wheat pilaf and leeks in a mustard vinaigrette.  I didn't eat any of it.  Instead, I ate half a pint of Ben and Jerry's Greek frozen yogurt (banana with peanut butter swirls).
  4. I ate a whole jar of bread and butter pickles in a span of four days.
  5. I plan to spend my entire pregnancy in leggings.  Watch out world.  They really are so incredibly comfortable.  None of pants from previous pregnancy fit me yet, and they are so big on me.  I don't know where I'll fall on the scale with this pregnancy but I'm guessing (and hoping) it will be less than the sixty ponds that I gained with Bean.
  6. I love my snake pillow.  It's a giant body pillow that easily takes up half the bed.  I hope our marriage will survive this pillowy interloper.
  7. I've given up dressing Bean.  She wore a tutu every day this week and a princess dress twice, including the crown.  I just don't have the energy to fight her and tutus make her so incredibly happy.  So what, that she wears it with ladybug rain boots?  So what, that the tutu doesn't remotely match anything else that she's wearing.  At least, her hair is combed and her teeth are clean.  Plus, I feel like this is a relatively easy/happy wardrobe loop to be stuck in, as opposed to the one week in fifth grade that I dressed like Anne Frank (too tight sailor dress, knee socks, mary jane shoes, Star of David).
  8. I have increasing anxiety about parenting another child.  I just adore Bean so much and the idea of splitting myself and my time with her terrifies me.  My aunt told me once that with each new addition, your heart simply grows bigger.  I already feel like my heart can burst from the love I feel for Bean everyday.  Can my heart accommodate that much more love?
  9. Bean calls the baby Hoat Tote. 

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