Monday, May 13, 2013

Miscellaneous Items Bean has reappropriated as Ariel this week

This is not my typical post, but it is also something that I want to remember and since my brain is like swiss cheese at the moment and I'm leaching memories at every turn, I thought I'd better commit this to the Internet for posterity.

Bean is obsessed with the Little Mermaid.  What started as mom just wanting to get some shut eye on the couch has morphed into full-fledged Disney princess worship, the apex of which is Ariel.  Yes, this is my own doing.  I take full responsibility.  I also really needed to lay down and close my eyes when this whole princess phenom started.

What amazes me is her ability to transform everyday objects into Ariel in her mind's eye and play for hours.  Keep in mind, she has 3 Ariel dolls as it is, and if they are unavailable (hair appointments, searching for treasures), Bean will find substitutes and play with them just as if she was playing with her dolls.  Her imagination enthralls me, inspires me and and makes me laugh daily.  This past week, the following objects became Ariel:

1.  An extra long green Starbucks straw from an iced decaf coffee.  Coincidentally, this same straw also doubled as a "magicful wand."  Yes, not magical wand, but a magicful wand.  Sadly, this same straw/Ariel/magicful wand was also used at our garden's store's pond display when Bean started drinking the water with it.  Yes.  She drank pond water.  Thankfully, it was from a pond without fish but gross, just the same.

2.  A homemade pinwheel from the Curious George exhibit that she made.  This thing took quite the beating and almost from the beginning, she called it Ariel negating it's true purpose as a pinwheel.  I think she like the way the streamers trailed behind it when she pretended that it was swimming in the ocean.

3.  A soft-tipped baby spoon that she dug out from the utensil drawer and never actually used as a spoon.  She paired this spoon with another hard plastic spoon that she called Flounder.  Both spoons were used to dance with her during the closing credits of the Little Mermaid and accompanied her to dinner and to the potty.

4.  The cover of the NYTimes magazine yesterday which featured an illustration of a bludgeoned Monk Seal.  This was a little creepy .  Thankfully, she can't read so all she saw was seal laying down which obviously resembles a mermaid!

5.  Bear.  When she walked into our room this morning, she had an actual Ursula doll in one hand and Bear in her other hand.  She commanded to me that I was to be Ariel and thrust Bear in my sleepy face.   Evidently, Bear wears many hats.

I continue to be amazed by Bean's imagination.  I'm going to take a cue from her and imagine a clean house and all the laundry put away...if only it worked that way!  Now where's my magicful wand to make that happen?

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  1. Don't forget that Ariel was also a suggested name for baby Hoat Tote a/k/a Hoppy!