Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Angels

Can you remember the last time you made a snow angel?

I stood next to Bean and we both fell backwards into the soft white snow.  She was safely ensconced in layers of wool and fleece with only her eyes, mouth and nose sticking out.  I was a hodgepodge of cold weather clothes (2 layers of old running pants, J's wool socks pulled to my knees, a fleece and an old coat that sadly was two sizes too small so that when I bent over the gap between my pants and my coat lengthened revealing a very cold, and very bare lower back).  We fell back together with our arms stretching up and then back down.  Bean shouted "I'm doing it" louder and louder with each movement.   Looking up, we saw a bright blue sky with the smallest trace of a cloud in it, and the tall pine tree above us gently shook, dusting us with flakes.

I turned my head to look at Bean and her smile warmed my very cold lower back.  I stood up, careful to not smudge my glorious snow angel and then I bent down and pulled Bean to her feet and we stood proudly looking at our creations.  One big and one small.  Next to each other on the snow.  Hands softly touching.  A snowy reflection of us.

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