Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Sound Bucket

Kids are messy.  Kids are gross.  Kids can turn a clean house into a disaster scene begging for a FEMA cleanup within ten minutes of cleaning.  Sometimes, I think I should just give up and live in squalor.  How easy and tempting would that be to just throw the proverbial towel in and let the dishes and laundry pile up?  I think it would be amazing for about five minutes and then I'd probably go a little crazy.

There are days that I just let my kids empty cabinets.  I've found that if I spend my whole day saying "NO!" to taking pots and pans out, they just keep doing it anyway.  Whereas if I let them empty a cabinet and explore the contents of drawers, they typically tire out doing this within 30 minutes and if I'm completely honest, this messy activity will keep them entertained and I could do something else and not have to worry.

The bathroom cabinet holds a certain fascination for both of my girls.  Drawers are pulled out and emptied.  Headbands and ponytail holders are quickly strewn about the floor.  The blow dryer quickly becomes a gun or a microphone.  A hairbrush inevitably gets stuck in HT's tangle of blond hair.  Every single toothbrush ends up first in the some one's mouth and then on the floor.  The bottom drawer, however, holds the most treasured of bathroom objects:  pantyliners or as Bean calls them Ha Stickers.

I have no privacy.  Have I mentioned this before?  None.  When I close the bathroom door, they open and sit opposite me and casually talk to me while I finish my business.  A long time ago, I can't even tell you when, Bean saw me putting a pantyliner in and asked me why I was wearing a diaper.  I explained briefly about periods and what they are and how pantyliners are kind of like band aids for your Ha.  She was fascinated by them.  Think about it.  They are individually wrapped.  She said they were little pink presents. They had a sticky side on them, effectively making them oblong, cushy stickers.  And, who doesn't love stickers?

It is not uncommon to find both my girls covered in pantyliners from time to time.  Sometimes, I'll find HT with pantyliners on her eyes, mouth, belly, hands and feet.  They both love them and as much as I admonish them, they find their way into that bottom drawer and pull out those ha stickers and have themselves a blast.  It's just what they do.

Today, Bean had the sound bucket for school.  Her letter was "S" and she had to fill the bucket with objects that start with the letter "S."  We were running late this morning because HT was sick and the contents of the bucket had been filled and emptied twice already.  Inside her bucket, she had a Snow White doll, a stem, a suitcase, a sea lion, stamps, socks, and a stethoscope.  She was running around the house, trying to find more "S" items and then ran out my bathroom, holding the pretty pink pantyliner and shouted "What about Ha stickers?  S for stickers!"

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