Friday, July 24, 2015


There are milestones that you check in your head or jot down quickly in your baby book.  And then there are the milestones that fly right past you, one blip at a time whirling by you and reminding you to get back to that pesky blog of yours.  So here I am, months after the blips, attempting to recollect the milestones that sped right past us as we were busy living our lives.

First, HT turned two.  Granted this was almost two months ago, but still, it deserves recollection.  My little bitty baby turned two.  Her blond hair is longer now and very fine, constantly tangling in the back.  Her hair constantly falls into her face, hiding her beautiful blue-green eyes that always have a mischievous twinkle in them.  Her temperament is sweet and calm.  She adores her big sister and follows her around.  She is a mimic, repeating everything her sister says.  HT plays princesses and jedi with her sister, flying her toys dramatically behind Bean.  Her toy plot lines typically revolve around flying, falling, needing help and fighting Vader.  Bean has grown into HT's biggest defender and antagonizer and I'm the referee all.the.time!  When I'm not the ref, I'm Han Solo and my Subaru is the Millenium Falcon.

My personal milestone was I stopped nursing HT on the eve of her second birthday.  We talked about it for a few weeks and yet, when the night came for our last nursing session, I was a mess.  I cried and held her and I couldn't imagine bedtime without our quiet ritual together.  I remember her looking at me and smiling.  She barely nursed and I wanted to explain to her, that this was it.  This would be her last time.  She needed to savor this experience, but that was silly and selfish on my part...I was the one that had to savor it.  I had to breath it all in and remember.  And I did.

Bean lost her first tooth.  It was crazy and there was way more blood than I thought there would be. We were at the playground and taking a water break when she took a swig from my water bottle and then blood poured out of her mouth.  She was crying, clearly scared and then she handed me this little white nub in her hand and it took me a few moments to realize that I was holding her tooth.  It was the same tooth that first appeared in her little mouth 4.5 yrs ago and now I was cradling it in my hand.  We calmed her down and she started laughing and rinsing her mouth out with water and spitting the water out of her mouth.  HT copied her and spit out water through the playground fence.  It was surreal.  We put the little tooth in an empty plastic Easter egg from the car (doesn't everyone keep empty Easter eggs in their car)?  She checked on her tooth throughout the day and then hid it under her pillow for the tooth fairy.  The tooth fairy left $5 because it was her first tooth and that was all the cash she had presumably.  If you asked me where that tooth is now, I can't tell you.  I have no idea.

More news on the Bean front, is that she is learning to read.  This is mind boggling to me.  Her brain is starting to make sense of letters and sounds.  She was walking around the house with this tiny fairy book that I took out from the library.  It was a small book with beautiful illustrations of fairies and she was walking in laps talking about the fairies and then she said "The bees flew from the trees" and sure enough, that sentence matched the book. It didn't match an illustration, it matched the jumble of letters and words.  I was floored.  She's not a reader yet, but she's starting and I think it's amazing.

One last milestone to report is that HT peed in the potty.  We were having naked dance party (of course), and she took off her diaper and I didn't fight her.  She had a pretty bad diaper rash so I figured some naked time might help dry her skin out.  It was also the second time that day that she removed her diaper.  Earlier, I found HT in her crib holding her poop filled diaper shouting "I pooped in my cib, mommmmmm!"  The kid likes to be pantless.  I can't blame her.  I took the potty out, figuring she could just sit on it to get used to it.  I had zero expectation that she would actually pee on it.  She was so excited.  She sat on it and the tiniest pee came out and she shouted "I did it!"  She was so excited.  Bean hugged her and told her how proud she was.  And we danced some more.  HT and Bean danced around naked.  I danced fully-clothed as per usual.  We shook our bottoms.  We sang along to the music.  We rocked out ballads and shimmied, basically like every other night our house, with one exception: the potty seat was a bizarre focal point for our dancing celebration.

Those were our milestones, large and small, and all moving us forward in time and reminding me how special these times together are.

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