Friday, February 26, 2016

The Cold War

It's still winter here and I'm tired it.  My children curse the groundhog daily for incorrectly predicting an early spring.  First off, they genuinely believed in the omniscient, all-powerful Punxsutawney Phil.  I suppose this is largely my own fault.   I've already filled their heads with images of a large fat man in a red suit who sneaks into our house via the chimney to eat our cookies and to leave presents, a large bunny who hides eggs around the house that we painstaking colored and decorated, and a sneaky fairy who hoards teeth in exchange for cash money.  This is the world they live in so why wouldn't a groundhog be capable of weather forecasting?

I'm tired of hats, scarves and mittens.  I'm tired of running outside to warm up the car.  I'm tired of cold weather without snow.  Super cold weather without snow is just the worst.  It's not like we can or want to play outside when it 18 degrees.  Technically, we can play outside but the playgrounds are empty in this weather and the kids get pretty miserable in short order when it's just me and wind gusts to keep them company.

Really, if I'm completely honest, I could probably take this cold weather for another year, if my HT could keep her shoes and socks for one trip in the car.  This has not been the case so far.  When I hear HT say, "Do you want to play Anna and Elsa?"  I know that she's taking off her shoes and her socks.  The irony is, she takes off her actual mittens to put her sweaty socks on her hands.  Only by pretending the her socks are Anna's mittens does she become Anna.  I bought her numerous mittens to wear, calling each pair Anna's mittens.  Nope.  Any old pair of socks is preferable to any new pair of mittens.  When I went to get my car washed, I pulled out five pairs of shoes/boots strewn about the back seat.  Often times, I just run HT from the car to the house rather than sift through the detritus of my car to locate her shoes and aforementioned socks.  I dream of warmer days only so my car is slightly cleaner (less shoes) and so HT can run from the car to the house bare foot.

It's 28 degrees today.  Not super warm, but at least it's not an arctic blast, right?  Until spring appears, we will toast/curse Punxsutawney Phil with our hot cocoa and dream of warmer days ahead.

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