Saturday, July 8, 2017

Happy Birthday HT

My apple cheeked HT turned four today.  She bounded into my room with her bed head of blond hair.  The size of her smile only dwarfed by the twinkle of her eyes.  HT's eyes are a miracle of color and light, turquoise green in the center with a rim of periwinkle blue on the outside.  Her eyes twinkle with mischief, knowledge and intelligence.  She asked me the other day about which planet has rings on it and I had to think for a minute before I responded.

HT loves art and can spend hours drawing, coloring and gluing.  Truthfully, there is a lot of glue, most of it pink glitter glue.  For a while, she'd just glue pages onto each other, calling then books.  Or she'll cut out tiny pieces of paper and just glue them on top pf each other.  HT is constantly stealing wrapping paper and printer paper for these numerous art projects and as much as I complain about running out of printer paper 50% of the time, she's also made some pretty neat stuff with it.  She's been using my giant craft scissors for years, climbing on top of the computer desk to get them each time.  I finally just started putting them in the drawer because even if I put the scissors is lock-proof safe, she'd figure out a way to open it.  She's just that kind of kid.

HT is as mischievous as they come.  One day, I put her in her room and told her not to come out until her room was clean.  Five minutes later, she opened the door with a crooked smile on her face and eyebrows arching over her eyes.  "I'm done," she proudly proclaimed.  Bean had barely made her bed but the four year old was done?  I went inside and found a nicely made bed, and a mostly clean room much to HT's chagrin.  But her smile was slightly off, like she was in on a joke that I didn't get.  Upon further investigation, I found the clutter that was previously strewn about on her floor carefully hidden under her bed and dresser.  Sneaky.  Why was there so much clothing on her floor to begin with?  Well, HT inexplicably changes her outfits a minimum of 3x per day, including underpants.  Some days she just wants to be more stunning, or more fancy or just elegant.  All of those adjectives are linked to various dresses and outfits, all of them sparkly and ruffled. She yearns for her top row fancy dresses all the time and nearly everyday I have to explain to her why it's inappropriate to wear her Christmas gown to the playground.

Not surprisingly, she is also obsessed with shoes, wearing her cowgirl boots (or witch boots she called them) well into the warmer weather.  She never wears socks with her shoes, so they all stink.  If we put socks on her feet, she takes them off in the car so my car is a graveyard of missing socks.  She's also fond of jelly sandals from last year that barely fit which are almost always on the wrong feet.  I have to choose my battles and I choose not to fight over her shoe selections, which means that nearly ever person that we come in contact with tells me that HT's shoes are on the wrong feet.

HT adores her big sister,  calling her "Big Sister" and hugging her at school pickup every day.  For years, HT was a minor character in Bean's stories, but now HT fights for her own character development and changes the story lines.  They are the best improv players around, shouting "now pretend..."  It's amazing, how the stories change and where they go in their collective imagination.  HT directs the action just as much as Bean, and when she's playing with her friends from school, HT is the boss telling stories and imagining a secret world of fairies, pirates and superheroes.

Speaking of super heroes, HT is obsessed with Supergirl, but always calls her Superwoman, and argued that Supergirl should be called Superwoman because Superman gets to be called Superman, not Superboy.  They both have superpowers, but one has the diminutive, slightly patronizing 'girl' in the name.  How is that fair?  My little four year old is already calling out gender inequality.  Watch out world.  She will carve out her own space in the world, whatever that is, and she won't apologize for it.

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